World-class infrastructure, network and service quality, redundancy, reliability and combined with professional quality of the staff adds value to your business, ensured continuity and you getyou’re your needs from a single point, so you focus on your business, your infrastructure and CDN needs will be on reliable hands.

Industrial Solutions

Dorabas fold difference to his clients in media sector with extensive client portfolio in media sector and CDN services provided with CDNetworks partnership and follows the world latest improvments for providing them to his customers.


  • E-commerce
  • Media, Communications and Broadcasting
    Media and Broadcasting
  • Digital Agencies
    Digital Agencies
  • Information Technologies
    Information Technologies
  • Online Gaming
    Online Gaming
  • Finance Solutions
  • Tourism Solutions

Dorabase's Customers share their Experience about Dorabase Services;

  • Yeni Şafak Case Study Çalışması
    Yeni Şafak logo

    yenisafak.com:With Dorabase CDN, we ensures efficient web performance for high-volume traffic.

  • Sözcü Case Study Çalışması
    Sözcü logo

    Sozcu.com.tr is always ready with the latest breaking news on the Dorabase

  • Turkuvaz Case Study
    ATV logo

    We serve online content uninterrupted and full performance.

  • Evidia Case Study Çalışması
    Evidea logo

    Evidea operation quality and speed growth with cloud and CDN services.

  • Babil Case Study Çalışması
    Babil Logo

    For world-class quality babil.com choose Dorabase services.

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