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Fast, High-Quality Media Delivery for an Unparalleled User Experience
Dora Telecom business partner CDNetworks has pioneered the latest media delivery technologies enabling our customers to provide an outstanding online experience to their end-users across the globe. CDNetworks is uniquely positioned to provide the right solution for your needs. Our integrated content management system and business analytics tools provide the controls and insights you need to manage any media delivery, all backed by CDNetworks' dedicated, personalized 24/7 customer support.

Business Analytics
CDNetworks is known throughout the industry for our extensive reporting capabilities. Our reports provide detailed, real-time monitoring of all your content, enabling you to easily track your customer's behavior and trends. Features include a user-customized dashboard, downloadable log files, and in-depth geographical intelligence.

Features & Benefits

Scalability, Reliability, Advanced Reporting & Performance

Massive Scalability: Our global presence, with over 110 points of presence deployed across 6 continents, and Tier 1 network architecture provides massive flexibility and scalability to meet even the most aggressive increases in demand.

High Performance: Our media acceleration technology and global network footprint automatically determines the most efficient delivery path, reducing delivery costs while providing an unparalleled end-user experience.

Seamless Reliability: Our highly efficient network is designed to accelerate content anywhere in the world, regardless of network conditions or dramatic traffic fluctuations.

Advanced Reporting and Analytics: Our full suite of reporting and analytics tools for real-time monitoring and historical data mining capabilities, enabling you to make important and timely business decisions.



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