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Ensure Visitors Reach Your Site Quickly and Always
The Domain Name System (DNS) is a critical Internet infrastructure that enables visitors to reach your website. Dora Telecom business partner CDNetworks offers a managed cloud-based authoritative DNS service that is always available, secure, and scalable and offers high performance. It allows you to focus and grow your core business without the overhead to build and maintain complex network and systems. Purpose-built to address the web performance needs of enterprises, our service is natively integrated with our Web Performance Suite and provides optimal performance when used in conjunction with other products in the suite, such as Content Acceleration and Dynamic Web Acceleration.

Designed for Today's Sites
CDNetworks Cloud DNS is built on a globally distributed platform across 48+ strategic locations - from the US to Australia. Built-in redundancy ensures that the DNS infrastructure is always available. Near real-time DNS data propagation ensures that DNS queries are reliably and correctly answered with the latest data. Intelligent routing using IP Anycast improves performance by directing DNS queries to the closest topological location. The distributed platform is resilient to DDoS attacks, and can seamlessly scale up to handle unlimited number of domains and queries.

Features & Benefits

The Cloud DNS Difference

Always Available: 100% uptime ensures your visitors reach your site at all times

Reliable: Correctly and consistently answers queries for your Internet domains with the latest DNS data

High Performance: Guarantees high performance to site visitors from anywhere in the world.

Secure: Protects against spoofing and distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, minimizing costly outages.

Scalable: Scalable

Advanced Control and Reporting: Provides Web-based portal for easy DNS administration, a staging server to validate changes, and near real-time reporting for views into your DNS traffic.

Cost-effective: Eliminates the need for you to build and maintain expensive network and systems

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