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Cost-Effectively Store and Deliver Digital Assets
Storing, maintaining, and delivering massive amounts of media, software, documents, or other digital objects is an essential part of ensuring an outstanding online experience. With Dora Telecom business partner CDNetworks managed cloud-based storage service, you can cost-effectively store an infinite number of digital assets and serve them quickly and reliably to site visitors around the world. Purpose-built to address the web performance needs of enterprises, the service is another key component of our Web Performance Suite and provides optimal performance when used in conjunction with other products in the suite, such as Content Acceleration.

Designed for Reliability, Speed, and Scale
Once you upload your content - with no limit on the number or size of files - to one of our storage locations, the service replicates the content across two or more storage locations. Then our Content Acceleration service which is natively integrated with our Cloud Storage service pulls content around the globe.

Features & Benefits

The Cloud Storage Difference

Unlimited Scalability: Upload and store any size and number of files. Grow as your business grows

Superior Price/PerformanceTap into a cost-effective cloud storage service backed by CDNetworks global platform and replication, which offers superior performance

Reliable: Global Server Load Balancer, fault tolerance, and high availability ensure you optimally serve content to site visitors under any circumstances

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