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Dorabase operates as an exclusive partner of CDNetworks, a Gartner-rated ‘global CDN provider’, with access to 1.500+ PoPs worldwide.
14-day FREE trial for new CDN customers. No credit card needed.

Turkey’s #1 Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Multinationals and Turkey’s largest publicly-traded companies rely on a unique world-class infrastructure to maximize performance and security on the web.

Dorabase and CDNetworks together are the fastest CDN service providers in Turkey, according to Citrix and CDNPerf.
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Accelerate your website for better UX and SEO

Speed up your website, improve your Google Lighthouse scores, NEVER compromise on uptime and speed during peak season and on special days.
Get closer to your visitors using 1.500+ PoPs around the world. Deliver dynamic content and static content faster than anyone else!
Watch on YouTube to find out how a global CDN like Dorabase can speed up your website by up to 10x.
Guarantee speed, availability and scalability by routing requests to the nearest available server in one of the 48 strategic locations around the world.
Watch on YouTube to find out about the benefits of anycast DNS on the cloud.
Consolidate all cloud services under one roof. Spend less management efforts and lower your costs.
Faster & Smarter
Outperform the competition during times of peak traffic. Make smarter decisions with transparent reporting.
NPS > 85
Dorabase’s Net Promoter Score was measured above 85 for four consecutive quarters in 2019. Settle with a reliable provider for good.

Don’t let cyber criminals damage your reputation

2014 attack on Stack Overflow, 2018 attack on GitHub and 2019 attack on Wikipedia are just the tip of the iceberg. Thousands of high-traffic websites are attacked every hour.
Running on-premise servers? Then, security is in your hands, and it is much more of a manual process. Cloud servers on the other hand, make it easier for IT teams to maintain them and automate their back-up process.
Set up Web Application Firewall to identify malicious traffic, using big-data enabled profiling and detection technologies. Guard against DDoS attacks, avoid loss of traffic, revenue and most importantly, reputation.

Settle with the best cloud company for good

What you see is what you get, no surprises. Take all the benefits of working with a local cloud company.
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Get maximum speed
PoPs in Turkey
No exposure to FX risks
Fixed price in TL
Local laws got you covered
Turkish commercial entity
Get the support you deserve
No chatbots or anonymous replies to your tickets. Work hand in hand with an experienced Solution Architect.
Solution Architects
Solution Architects Team, Dorabase
SLAs are technical but relationships are fundamental. We appoint dedicated Solution Architects to all of our clients and work side by side with each one of them.
Dorabase powers 3.000+ brands in Turkey
Join Turkey’s other leading brands that chose to get maximum speed and security on the web.
“We've been working with Dorabase since 2015. They are providing us with various infrastructure solutions and they transfer valuable know-how to our internal teams. We're very much pleased to have partnered with Dorabase.”
Mehmet Sapmaz
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Dorabase, the #1 CDN in Turkey, operates as an exclusive partner of CDNetworks.