Strengthen your website’s security by identifying and eliminating bad bots

Don’t let undetected malicious bots steal sensitive information, take over accounts, and negatively impact your revenue.

How Bot Mitigation Works

Let good bots like Google in, kick bad bots like your competitors' web scrapers out. All made possible by Dorabase's AI-backed Bot Mitigation service.

Intelligent bot detection with real-time big data analysis and more

Device fingerprinting challenge identifies normal usage patterns for each web application based on legitimate user behavior analysis and provides customizable security postures for bots that deviate from the standard usage behavior.
Human interaction detection generates a hashed signature of both virtual and real browsers based on 50+ attributes. These proprietary signatures are then leveraged for real-time correlation to identify and block malicious bots.
JavaScript challenge sent to every client, attacker and real end-user. Legitimate browsers will pass the challenge without the user’s knowledge while bots, which are typically not equipped with JavaScript, will fail and be blocked.
Captcha challenge intended to differentiate between bots and humans. Scripted bots are unable to solve the Captcha and repeat the words and numbers used the way humans can.
Custom bot policies with advanced rate limitations. Limit access rates by user-ID, URI, IP addresses and more. Choose action aggressiveness level for each threshold.
You are in full control with comprehensive monitoring.

Watch how your web site challenges bots

You'll be surprised to see how many bots fail to pass the gate.
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Bot mitigation frequently asked questions (FAQs)
What is a bot?
Bots (or web robots) and web scrapers are software applications that run automated tasks over the Internet. Bots are used for many purposes, from good bots that are beneficial (such as Google's bot) to bad bots that scrape web pages or participate in DDoS attacks.
Why do I need to manage bots?
Many bots play a legitimate role in an organization’s online business strategy. Others harm the business by reducing competitive advantage, getting between an organization and its customers, or committing fraud. Traditional bot mitigation tools typically only block bot traffic, affecting beneficial and harmful bots in the same manner – and prompting malicious bots to evolve and become even harder to detect.
How do bot mitigation tools work?
Bot mitigation tools allow you to create categories of bots that reflect the specific impact that certain bots have on your business – whether it’s beneficial or damaging. Bot mitigation tools detect bot signatures in real time as they attempt to access your website. They apply different management policies (i.e. slow down access, redirect to alternate origin, serve stale data) to bot categories, as appropriate for your business. Bot mitigation tools rely on sophisticated big data technologies and therefore are not easy to build and maintain in-house.