Protect your websites and applications with Secure DNS on the cloud

Old-school DNS providers are on the bullseye of cyber criminals that aim to take down thousands of websites at one single shot. Pointing your domain name to a vulnerable DNS provider raises your downtime risk. Downtimes result in loss of customers (thereby potential revenue) and more importantly damage your brand’s reputation.

How Secure DNS Works

Faster response to DNS queries from anywhere in the world, made possible by Dorabase's strategically-distributed Anycast architecture.

Super fast, secure and reliable DNS

Proven track-record. Defended against extreme DDoS attacks at a magnitude of up to 160 million queries per second. That’s DNS ‘World War’ conditions.
Globally distributed platform with 48 strategic locations worldwide.
Seamlessly scales up to an unlimited number of domains and queries, guarantees availability at all times.
Ensures DNS security, protects against spoofing and cache poisoning.
Maximizes speed by routing requests to the nearest available server with failover protection enabled.
Supports IPv6 DNS queries from end-users.
DNS records can be managed through the web UI or API.

Real-time reporting giving you an in-depth overview of your traffic

Secure DNS comes with advanced reporting. Get clear visibility into customer traffic through DNS.
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Dorabase powers 1.000+ brands in Turkey
Join Turkey’s other leading brands that chose to get maximum speed and security on the web.
Secure DNS frequently asked questions (FAQs)
What happens when a DNS goes down?
Your DNS, or Domain Name System, is necessary for your users to be able to successfully navigate to your website and use your web services. Without it, users would need to memorize exact IP addresses in order to get from Point A to Point B on the internet. And 99.999% of the users don't bother memorizing these details. Therefore, when your DNS fails, your users will be unable to reach your website or web services using your domain name. Oher important thing to keep in mind: your incoming and outgoing e-mail traffic also stops.
I have never paid a single penny for DNS before. Why should I start to pay now?
Cyber threat levels are now higher than ever before. Plus, users have less tolerance for slow loading web sites and apps. Feel free to continue using your existing DNS provider if you don't care much about downtime or your user's expectations from you.
Do you charge anything extra for multiple zones?
Unlike other DNS providers (such as Amazon Route 53 and Google Cloud DNS), Dorabase does not have any zone limits. With Dorabase Secure DNS, you can create unlimited number of zones.