Dorabase Brand Guideline

Founded in 2008 in Istanbul/Turkey, Dorabase is now one of the leading web performance and cloud security companies in the EMEA region.

Given our inherent pride in our brand, we have created this section to make it as easy and accessible for our clients and partners to work with our brand, while preserving our corporate identity.

Dorabase brand is registered both as text and image at Turkish Patent and Trademark Office (grant number: 2015/109969). If you need to use our brand in ways that differ from the guidelines below, you will need to contact us for a written license.

While you may use Dorabase marks per these guidelines, it does not mean that you have any vested rights in Dorabase marks, logos, or in any other trademark, trade name, service mark, business name or goodwill of Dorabase. Any unauthorized use may incur legal liabilities for any damages.

For any branding related question, please contact us at

Mentioning Our Brand As Text

Dorabase spelling should never be changed and Dorabase should always be capitalized. When necessary, Dorabase can be used as an adjective only if it is followed by a proper generic term. e.g. Dorabase services, Dorabase clients.

Embedding Our Brand Logo

Our logo is one of our most valuable and important assets. To ensure that it remains a strong representation of our company, it must be presented in a careful and consistent manner across all channels of communication. Our logotype contains custom letterforms that are unique assets for Dorabase. Therefore, please refrain from creating a custom logo if by any chance you feel that it's best to match our logo's appearance with anything else. Our up-to-date logo as of March 2020 is shared below.