Global flat-fee pricing

Traffic plans below apply to static asset acceleration service only.

Please note that our customers from Turkey will not carry any FX risks thanks to Turkish Lira pricing. If you are based in Turkey, please contact us to get a custom quote.
Traffic PlanMonthly Price
2 TB$79
5 TB$199
10 TB$399
25 TB$849
50 TB$1.499
For all other services
Let’s build together the plan that best matches your needs.

Compare Dorabase with other CDN providers

Save time trying to figure out which CDN offers you the biggest bang for your buck. See below what other CDNs are charging for European traffic.
Traffic PlanAmazon CloudFrontCloudflareDorabaseGoogle Cloud CDNMicrosoft Azure CDN
2 TB$170$225$79$160$162
5 TB$425$525$199$400$405
10 TB$850$1.025$399$800$810
25 TB$2.050$2.525$849$1.625$1.935
50 TB$4.050$5.025$1.499$3.000$.3810