Accelerate live broadcast and on-demand videos on your website

Viewers hate it when they have no other option but to watch their favorite videos in low-resolution. Add buffering to it, they go crazy. Speed up the delivery of your videos with Dorabase and make your viewers happy.

How Media Acceleration Works

Broadcast live or serve pre-recorded videos by using Dorabase's lean and scalable CDN architecture.

Media acceleration features

Guarantees bandwidth scalability and high availability 24/7/365.
Flexible cache policies for cache configuration, dynamic bit rate & intelligent video buffering.
Comes with multi-protocol support: HLS, DASH, H.265, HTTPS, HTTP/2.
Maximum security: token authentication, geo-blocking, IP whitelisting and blacklisting.
Protects distribution data by anti-hotlinking, video file data by digital encryption, video content by copyright mark.
Origin monitoring, status monitoring, traffic monitoring, QoS monitoring from server side and client side.

Real-time reporting backed by best-in-class UX

Dashboards from the stone age are OUT. Switch to Dorabase and ease your work with UX best practices.
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CDN for live broadcast and on-demand video frequently asked questions (FAQs)
Why do you separate videos from dynamic content and static assets?
Answer is volume. Videos take up massive storage space and video delivery consumes enormous data traffic.
Do you have integrations with third-party encoders and transcoders?
Yes, we have integrations with most of the industry-leading solution providers in the market, including but not limited to Amazon Elastic Transcoder, Adobe Media Encoder and Apple Media Encoder.