Accelerate static assets on your website

Not serving your static assets efficiently? Then you’re missing out big time on SEO. Manage, optimize and deliver static assets at scale. Improve your users’ experience and perform well on Google Lighthouse audits.

How Static Asset Acceleration Works

Cache static content like javascript files, images and .pdf files and bring them closer to your end users by using Dorabase's lean and scalable CDN architecture.

Built-in image optimization and many other benefits

Optimizes response time and web performance. Offloads the origin pressure.
Moderates and optimizes image files automatically. Includes enhanced features like entropy detection.
Keeps your content safe. Prevents illegal content stealing and malicious linking.
Improves performance at transmission layer.
Acts as an efficient front-end processor to manage SSL connection and requests.
Allows you to analyze your traffic information in-depth. Helps you make smarter decisions.

Real-time reporting backed by best-in-class UX

Dashboards from the stone age are OUT. Switch to Dorabase and ease your work with UX best practices.
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CDN for static assets frequently asked questions (FAQs)
What is static content?
Static content is any file that is stored in a server and is the same every time it is delivered to users. HTML files, images (jpg, png etc.), pdf files are examples of this kind of content.
Why does Google Lighthouse audit static assets on a website?
Google cares about user experience more than ever before. Google's Lighthouse tool estimates how much network data you could have saved your users if all of your static assets were properly cached. If you don't cache them properly (or if majority is not cached at all), this will negatively reflect on your SEO score.
What makes image optimization so important?
Optimized images load faster and consume less cellular data. To achieve optimal page load times, you need to optimize your images. This optimization calls for a responsive image strategy and can benefit from on-server image compression, auto-picking the best format and responsive resizing. What matters is that you deliver the correctly sized image to the proper device in the proper resolution as fast as possible.
Can I accelerate dynamic content and static assets at the same time?
Yes, you can accelerate your dynamic content and static assets at the same time with Dorabase. Consult our team to bundle your acceleration package.